Tattoo Aftercare


The first few days and weeks for a new tattoo are the most important, so make sure you care for your new tattoo correctly. Below are the healing procedures we recommend. Each individual is different and these recommendations may not be the best for each individual. We recommend following the advice of your tattoo artist, or to seek the advice of a doctor, if deemed necessary.

1. Tattoos will ooze! This is a normal part of the healing process. The bandage is there to keep airborne bacteria and any other contaminants, in the environments, from invading your wound. Leave the bandage in place for approximately 1 to 3 hours.

2. After getting into the shower, WASH YOUR HANDS CLEAN with fragrance free antibacterial liquid soap. DO not peel off the bandage, let the water as hot as possible, rinse off the bandage.

3. Do not scrub your tattoo with a brush or towel. The idea behind the washing is to eliminate any dead cells that may have accumulated on the skin surface.

4. Let your tattoo air dry, 10 minutes, or pat it dry completely. DO NOT RUB IT DRY.

5. After your tattoo is dry, apply HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE or a very thin layer of BEPANTHEN (found at most pharmacy, supermarket). You do not need to re-bandage the tattoo.

6. Repeat the Washing, drying and application of Hustle butter or Bepanthen steps, 2 to 3 times daily, for the next 2 weeks.

After a few days you may notice some peeling. It is at this point in the healing process that your tattoo will begin to itch. Resist the urge to satisfy your desire to scratch, rub, or pick at the tattoo as this may affect the duality of the healed tattoo.

Do not use any other products, other than the products mentioned above, to allow your tattoo to heal beautifully. Usually a touch up is not necessary, unless the tattooist deem it his/her responsibility, then it is free. Your tattooist will not take responsibility for your aftercare irresponsibility.

Swim or soak in a hot tub or bath for at least 2 weeks.
Use hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on your tattoo.
Touch, pick, or scratch your tattoo.
Participate in activities that will cause you to sweat. Use any other aftercare product unless recommended.

Stay out of the sun until your tattoo has healed completely.
Apply sunblock to your tattoo after it has healed, whenever it is exposed to the sun, to protect it from damaging ultraviolet rays.
Consult a physician if you experience symptoms such as excessive swelling, redness, yellow or green discharge, or fever.

1. Hustle butter deluxe or Bepanthen
2. Fragrance free antibacterial liquid soap.



  1. Deposits are non refundable. The deposit holds your appointments and can only be added to your LAST SESSION.

2. If you need to change your appointment dates, please notify us one week in advance or you will forfeit your deposit.

3. BE ON TIME! Please call if you are late. If there is no prior notification, you will forfeit your deposit and your appointment will be cancelled upon the artist’s discretion.

4. NO EXTRA FRIENDS! The session is between you and the artist for focus on the artwork.

5. The tattooist requires NO MOVING or noise during the application of the tattoo. If you move and make too much noise, the artist is unable to work with you. Upon the artist’s discretion, he/she will cancel the appointment and discontinue tattooing you. The artist takes great pride in his/her work and moving your body or making noises will be a distraction and may cause the artwork to come out unsatisfactory.

6. Payments are due every session. Ensure you visit the bank prior to your appointment.

7. We do not accept cheques! Cash only.

8. Be prepared before the session. Eat a full meal, 8 hours of sleep, take a shower, bring extra food or drinks of your preference, comfortable clothing, etc. Please refrain from strenuous exercise 24 hours before your appointment.

9. No alcohol drinking or drugs before and during the session. Ibuprofen is okay for the swelling.

10. You and the artist get a break every hour (under 10 minutes). This will all be counted towards your payment for every session.

11. Upon artists discretion, touch ups, when necessary, are free.

12. We ask that you have reasonable understanding of the trade. Tattoo artists are not xerox machines and tattoos are a hand made product. Keep an open mind and don’t be unreasonably perfectionist. If there are very minor flaws inherent in handcrafted trade work will be an issue for you — Do Not Get Tattooed.


Any questions, please ask. Getting a tattoo is serious and an honour of art.