Horitsugu is a Japanese tattooist tattooing over 9 years and is originally from Yokohama, Japan. Apprenticing under his master Horiryu he gained the skills and knowledge to tattoo.

Honing his style and skills as a Japanese tattoo artist, he travelled all over the world through Northern America and Europe for years, then deciding on Melbourne, Australia as his home. He has been residing in Melbourne for 3 years tattooing in his own private studio, Strictly Tattoo Studio.

IG: @horitsugutattoo
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Tim (Mothytim) is a Melbourne native tattooing for 3 years of experience specialising in Japanese tattoos. Apprenticing under Horitsugu and working with him has given him an insight to Japanese tattooing.

Currently working at Strictly Tattoo Studio on Saturday and Sunday’s only

IG: @mothytim