Horitsugu has been tattooing for seven years, originally hailing from Yokohama, Japan. He later while on his travels to the USA in his early 20s, meeting his now master Horiryu, who started the Horiryu Japanese tattoo family.

Horitsugu studied the craft and art of tattooing under Horiryu for many years and travelled all over the Americas and Europe to develop his own path and career to establish himself as a professional tattooist.

He now resides in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne to hone his craft and extend the reach of the Horiryu family and the Strictly Tattoo names.

IG: @horitsugutattoo


Tim developed an interest in tattooing in his late teenage years and began getting tattooed by various artists over the course of 6 years to break into the industry to gain first-hand knowledge. In November 2014, Tim started an apprenticeship in which he learnt the trade that was subsequently applied a year later when he began tattooing.

He now, under the tutelage of Horitsugu, is appropriating traditional and contemporary Japanese art into his style.

IG: @mothytim


Originally from Thailand, Otto moved to Australia to pursue his dream of being a professional tattooist. He started his career in Sydney, finished his apprenticeship and worked for a few years before returning to Thailand to expand his clientele and experience. Soon after, he realised that tattooing in Australia was his true calling, and settled in Melbourne. He developed a love for Japanese tattooing, incoporating it into his own style.

IG: @ottotattoo